European Doctorate (additional degree)

The label of 'European Doctorate' is added to the national degree complying with the four following conditions:

  • authorisation to defend the thesis in order to obtain this status is granted by the Board of Teachers, on the basis of two reports on the thesis by two professors from two EU universities different from that in which the thesis is defended;
  • at least one member of the Examination Committee belongs to a foreign university;
  • the thesis defence, at least in part, takes place in a second European language;
  • the doctoral thesis provides a minimum stay of 3 months in a EU country different from that of the candidate.

The request to obtain the ‘Doctor Europaeus’ must be submitted individually to the Board of Teachers of the PhD. If all the above requirements are met, the Board of Teachers requires the School of Advanced Studies, once the degree is awarded, to recognise the degree of Doctor Europaeus. The doctorate students who are so recognised will be granted a ‘Doctor Europaeus’ certification, added to the degree and to the national value of the doctorate.